Reply To: Datacenter – Database Hosting SLA


I had a couple questions about this SLA. Seems like at one point there were discussions about offering up VMs through LoboCloud with standard configurations. For Example, Server 2012 R2 VM with SQL Server preinstalled and appropriate firewall rules in place. Is that still the direction UNM IT is looking at going? Would that fall under the LoboCloud SLA or the Database Hosting SLA? As Rooney mentioned if this is going to be a hosted VM then it sounds like some sort of tie in with the LoboCloud/Virtual Hosting SLA is needed.

I disagree that supported versions of the DBMS’s should not be in the Service Catalog, when reviewing vendor solutions departments need to be able to see what versions of DBMS’s are supported in UNM’s infrastructure. This should be tracked in the Service Catalog and even potentially this SLA. UNM as a customer of these services needs to agree that the versions of DBMS’s UNM IT is supporting meet the business requirements of the University.

2.1.1 Assuming this is talking about the supported DBMS’s, shouldn’t UNM IT Security already know about security gaps identified by the vendor? Or is this talking about the actual application that the Database is supporting?

5.2 Exceptions to service request response times should be explicitly defined. “Week before Fall semester starts” etc. Different UNM Departments may have different business needs.