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Is there another SLA or document that will detail “assigning tasks to teams” ? In particular, expected response times, escalation, and customer notification.

We understand things can happen regarding assigned tasks (someone’s on vacation, tickets gets misrouted), but we have encountered situations where we take pains to use Help.UNM, keep all of our requests or replies in Help.UNM, and do not receive any response from assigned technical teams for weeks.

As customers, we’d like to have some visibility into what we can expect from the assigned technical teams in terms of response. As noted above, we’d be fine if we got a response like ‘we are researching the issue’ or ‘the assigned technician is out, he or she will get back to you next week.’ But our experience with many requests in Help.UNM is no response from the assigned team – no emails, no calls.
And of course thank you for your previous detailed response,

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