Reply To: Service Desk SLA


Thanks for the comments Chad. In reading the SLA and the section you’ve pointed out, we are referring to functional escalation. Escalation might not be the right word to convey our meaning. This bullet refers to assigning tasks to teams beyond the Service Desk for resolution or fulfillment.
UNM IT is working hard to provide information to the Service Desk in order that they may resolve issues much faster to minimize functional escalation. We are focused on first contact resolution rates – resolving more at the Service Desk. Obviously there are issues the Service Desk cannot resolve and must be assigned (escalated) to a technical team. We will reword that bullet to better reflect what we are trying to achieve.
As for closing tickets after five days, we attempt to contact the customer multiple times – at a minimum two to three times before the ticket is closed. A majority of the time, the customer calls in and doesn’t have enough information or realizes there is an alternative process. They do not call back to say all is well as they are aware tickets are automatically closed. We send emails to inform them that we need more details or ticket will be closed.
We do provide communication to customers when ticket status or priority changes – there is always room for improvement in this area.