Reply To: A to Z Department Listings


2.1 Does this use the Cascade system, or something else? Should it use Cascade? Is there a webservice that could be queried?

2.1.1 – Where should department IT go for triage scripts if they are going to support this service?

2.2.1 – Is there an upper bound on the number of days? How do things get escalated?

2.2.2 – I see 99.9% availability in most of these SLAs. Is this a default or service specific? Is this measured? What is the process for measurement? How are acceptable availability levels determined?

3.1 – Are there billable services associated with this service? Which ones? What is the need for the billing portal in association with this?

3.2 This seems irrelevant to a directory service? “Maintain appropriate staff expertise in the maintenance and support of any customer supported equipment and/or applications;”