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– bullet 6 – what is the predefined set of criteria for escalation?
– Suggested criteria:
· Within 1 business day of ticket submission, requestor must receive notification identifying the assigned department (ticket owner)
· The following cycle applies to customer tickets/emails at initiation and at any point after a customer response
-After 3 business days of no response from ticket owner, Help Desk contacts owner for update
-After 3 additional business days of no response, director of owning department contacted by Help Desk for update
-After 6 days of no response, owner and director receive daily reminders from Help Desk to respond to the ticket
-After 7 business days with no response, Incident declared:
— Service Owner contacts ticket owner and owning department director for written response
— Report filed with IT SAC

· Whether by policy or thru the interface, ticket owners must put response at the top of their email (we often receive Help.UNM emails with the request for information at the bottom of a very long thread of Help.UNM responses).
· All responses – ‘Holds,’ ‘Waiting for Response, ‘Fulfilled,’ ‘Closed due to Resolution’ etc., must provide details explaining the status change for the ticket.
6.3 – if customer requests a certain priority, initial ticket response must note actual priority designated, and reason for change from customer request
8 – Billing – is this applicable? If it isn’t, does it need to be included in the SLA?

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