Reply To: Datacenter – Database Hosting SLA


– Is this service for standing up a Microsoft SQL Server 20xx instance on a VM or is the service the provisioning of a database on in an existing SQL Server cluster/environment maintained by UNM IT?
– If this service is for using an existing SQL Server cluster/environment, should the SLA define how the database can be remotely accessed or managed?
– If this service is for the provisioning of a VM with a DBMS, will the user have remote access to the server?
– Can database backups be set for more granular levels of recovery should the application owners request it?
– It seems as if this SLA is blending SLAs for database hosting and the application that uses the database that UNM IT may not have any control over or may live on a different server? Is it assumed that the application and database live on the same VM?
– Should service catalog specify the versions of Oracle and SQL Server?
– Does there need to be a statement that this SLA excludes MySQL databases used by departmental web sites?
– Is there a time-to-restore that can be included in the SLA?
– The colocation SLA had a clause requiring users to disclose storage of certain types of data to UNM IT. Should that apply in this case? Should the Data Owner and/or Custodian also be notified if this hosted database will be used to store sensitive information?