Reply To: Datacenter – Colocation SLA


– How does this apply to “shared” facilities/spaces or the different tiers of data centers defined in the proposed Data Center and Server Room Standard? What tier, as defined in proposed the Data Center Standard, does this SLA apply? Is this intended to cover collocation in UNM IT’s Tier 4 facility only?

– Is it possible to provide the Colocation Facility Access Agreement as an attachment?
– Bullet items 2 and 3 need some clarification. If a department has signed the Colocation Facility Access Agreement do they still need to submit a Help.UNM ticket for access > 24 hours in advance? In cases where a department needs emergency access <24 hours, what is that process?
– Is unescorted access available 24/7 or only during business hours?
– There is text about having to “refrain from bypassing firewall rules”. This passage sounds like a requirement and should use MUST, REQUIRED or SHALL to indicate that this is absolute as defined in RFC 2119.

– What specific things does this walkthrough observe? Are results of walkthrough documented and available to the customer for review?

– For sensitive data, should Data Custodian/Owner be made aware? Is UNM IT the data custodian in these colocation instances or is the department with the server?
– If a department has less than a full rack of equip, and is located with other colocated servers, do other departments have access to our equip in the same rack or is access locked down to the unit? Do you have racks that are specific to the kinds of data being stored on them in instances a department purchases existing rack space?
– Is department access to servers escorted and only during business hours or do dept staff have access 24/7 unescorted in cases of emergencies or unplanned outages where we have failures?
– Bullet 7 reads “Contact UNM IT Service Manager for additions or changes in established service levels;”. However, section 4.3 indicates that exception go through the CIO’s Office.
– Bullet 9: Are “special data types” those listed in the Data Classification Standard? If so, reword to specifically indicate that storing any E-Class or C-Class data requires department notify UNM IT and Data Owner or Steward?