Reply To: A to Z Department Listings


If Internet Explorer is not supported, specific versions of the browsers this does support need to be listed. Slippery slope excluding certain browsers.

When an Enterprise service is being developed or purchased, it should be usable in widely deployed and supported browsers.

– What are the kinds of things departmental support can expect to be able to troubleshoot outside of the listed FAQ?
– Is it possible to list each department’s primary and secondary contacts on the department’s A-Z page so that requests to update the info can go directly to the responsible party? Should the department’s local IT support info be listed as a tertiary contact?

– Item on poor implementation and planning does not apply?
– Is there a specific format required for bulk updates that would make this more efficient for UNM IT and the department?

2.2.2 and 9.1: 
– If system performance and availability reporting are not available for this service then is it appropriate to list a specific uptime of 99.9%?

Service-related questions:
If an employee separates or changes roles, is A-Z a directory that gets updated from Banner or is it a standalone system? If it is a standalone system, end-users need to be responsible for keeping this up to date. UNM HR separation checklist ( should be updated to reflect the supervisor having to submit directory listing changes that are not automated.

Is this directory using a different data source than what is available on and what a user can change via Directory Self Service (DSS)? How does DSS and what appears in A-Z differ? Not required of the SLA, but I think helps to better define the service and where users can expect updates to appear (or not).

This service could be powerful if exposed in some fashion for folks to incorporate on other web sites. A single version of the directory that is accessible via web services that every department doesn’t have to duplicate in some fashion would make it an Enterprise service.