Reply To: Department Web Hosting SLA


@ gogogo:

Currently, I believe that IT has Zend_Framework code stored in a centralized location so that users don’t have to consume quota for that. It would be great if that service was mentioned in the SLA.
I like this idea, and I would like to explore expanding the language to state “shared libraries” instead of limiting it to just Zend. I will bring this back for review.

In addition, it might be useful to have something like /path/to/zend/1/latest that’s a symlink that always points to the latest version, whatever that is. So, in for the examples I gave above:

/path/to/zend/1/latest -> /path/to/zend/1.2.15
/path/to/zend/2/latest -> /path/to/zend/2.4.9

In your experience, is it possible to link to Zend via http? I’m thinking architecture-wise, for websites sitting on different cPanel boxes, it is better to have Zend hosted on a central box that websites on all of the other cPanel boxes can refer to without resorting to shared drives. If Zend can only be included locally as your example stated, then each cPanel box would have to have Zend on there somewhere.