Reply To: Department Web Hosting SLA


Hi, Tuan:

Regarding Departmental IT Support, Central IT Support and triage, it might be a good idea to define (perhaps in a different SLA) what is expected of each? This seems like a good way to collaborate and to help establish bridges between IT and departments. For example, if a user called the help desk with a support request, they could ask if they had tried their local support options. If the answer is ‘yes’ then the technician who gets the ticket can assume that certain preliminaries have already been attempted, or at the very least, that the Departmental IT support can provide technical background about the problem.

Regarding this:
I propose to change this to: “Bring to the Customers’ attention any situation in which extra time is required of UNM IT staff to support this service. With Customers’ approval and request, UNM IT staff will engage in the agreed upon support activities. In these situations, UNM IT reserves the right to bill at the professional service rate outlined under Pricing and Billing for these activities.” Thoughts?

This sounds reasonable, as long as you’re not painting yourself into a corner. Two scenarios come to mind:

  1. An active emergency requires that a site be shut down immediately; IT should have the option of doing that if the the emergency warrants it.
  2. Cases where departmental contacts are non-responsive and IT must take action to prevent or stop problems.

In these cases like these, IT should be able to simply shut a site down quickly (and probably non-billable-ly), and sort things out later with the Customer. seems like a good idea. As long as it’s not on and is down.

I think I got everything; the rest seems fine.

Thanks so much!