Reply To: Telephone Services SLA


Can this document start with a definition of telephone services? Does it include mobile? internet telephony? Where is the line between a Skype call and a Skype video call? Are usage of internet VOIP systems, voicemail, call forwarders, etc. allowed or excluded under this SLA?

2.1.3 – are services and devices purchased from areas other than UNM IT prohibited, or just not supported? The distinction is important. This gets to the question about whether the SLA is describing an exclusive service or a service being offered by one department with choice if the service doesn’t meet the department need.

2.2.2 – 99.9% up time seems very low for a phone service. Is an outage of 1.5 minutes/day or almost 9 hours/year acceptable? Is planned maintenance included in that calculation?

2.2 – Can the SLA define service levels associated with maintenance and installation in addition to up-time? What for example are the roles and response times related to moving /installing phone lines, etc.? What is the response for incidents affecting a single phone or building vs. the system as a whole?

3.2 – What is GNAV? who needs to pay for licensing and training?

“<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Provide thirty day notice for special events and moves that involve more than six phones;” – this is not always possible. Is there an emergency request process?</span>

5.2 – Now I see that you have defined some service levels for service requests. Is there any escalation process for phone moves when they cannot wait 10-13 days?

6.1 – How is culpability determined for incidents? how are disputes managed?

7 – What is the process for notification and negotiation related to changes in the maintenance window?