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The Department Web Hosting page has a pricing section but not “additional storage options and costs”


  • 256 MBs (Default) – Free
  • More than 256 MBs – Please contact IT at Help.UNM ( for specific costs”


Charges associated with services originating from an Enterprise SLA should be in one spot. “Go to service catalog” “Contact IT”

There is nothing that talks about the estimated business impact ($$$) caused by a loss of the service. If students are unable to fill out documents for their financial aid or apply to UNM there is potential impact for the University.


The maintenance windows need to be defined in the SLA so they are agreed upon between Customer (University of New Mexico) and the service provider. A new SLA should have to be signed if the service provider wishes to change the planned maintenance window to make sure the new time meets the requirements of the business. “UNM IT reserves the right to modify the maintenance window” should be removed. If the window needs to be modified, a new SLA needs to be generated, approved, and signed.


3.3 UNM IT Strategic Advisory Committee gets no mention as they do in other SLAs for Customer Responsibilities In Support of the Service


5.2 “Campus priorities may require exceptions during certain times of the Academic year”

Certain times needs to translate into actual times. For example, during the first week of the fall/spring semester and the week prior. Customer (University of New Mexico) needs to accept these exceptions and make sure they meet the requirements of the business.


Thank you Tuan for responding to all our feedback! 🙂

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