Reply To: Department Web Hosting SLA


@ steely:

Re: 2.1.1:
Bullet 3: Does “Customer’s local IT support” refer to a UNM department’s own internal staff?
Bullet 4: It seems to me that web hosting with UNM IT should include automatic nightly backups without a separate charge. The charge could come in at a restoration of a snapshot.

Bullet 3: Yes. Example: a department’s admins that have access to use cPanel should consult with the department’s IT staff (can be primary admin or designated web developer, etc.) first before contacting IT as many problems are similar, repeated, and can be resolved much quicker locally. For departments without local IT staff, admins that have access to use cPanel should reach out to UNM IT directly.

Bullet 4: In other words, you suggest that UNM IT should hold your data hostage, and then ask you for a fee to restore it? I like it. I will bring this idea back for review.

Re: 3.2
Bullet 2: Please provide a link to “Pricing  and Billing” in the SLA.

I am not sure what you meant by this as “Pricing and Billing” is under section 8. And bullet 2 discusses analytics.

Re: 8
– Can web developers be notified of charges that will appear in the monthly bill detail in advance? (I understand that it is a department’s finance / admin personnel that can login to the IT Billing portal. Is that correct?)
– Are all communications with UNM IT for questions / tech support to be billed at $75 / hour?

– I do not know if it is possible to leverage cPanel’s view to let you see your charges. I will look into this.

– Yes, all communications with UNM IT for questions/tech support are billed at $75/hour. In fact, you will receive a bill tomorrow for the 2 hours I am spending writing my replies here… On a more serious note, communication with UNM IT for questions/tech support are not billed (to my knowledge). This provision refers to where “professional service” work is done. Example of professional services: web development (code writing), web support (making sure your WordPress is updated for you), etc.