Reply To: Department Web Hosting SLA



Re: 2.1.2,  Bullet 4: I thought up to 1 GB of storage was available free of charge? 256 MB is significantly less. It would be very easy for even a minimal website to exceed this and incur a monthly charge for its department.

Sshhh, you’re not supposed to tell everyone about this sweet deal that was only offered to you!

On a more serious note, before the introduction of cPanel, departments were only allocated 50 MB initially on website request/creation with the option of requesting additional storage up to 1 GB for $0 cost. This was done this way because we wanted to avoid circumstances in which departments that only used 20-50 MB ending up with a whole 1 GB of much wasted storage – which can be provisioned elsewhere where the extra storage was needed.

With the implementation of cPanel, the project team lobbied and was given the permission to raise the initial 50 MB storage allocation to 256 MB. The final cost model is not finalized yet (soon), but when it is, it will be available on our website and announced at the various IT/IA group meetings.