Reply To: Telephone Services SLA


2.1.2 – Request to add-  “Staff initiating long distance code requests can also see the LCD issued to the end user” – in some cases, the LCD issued is incorrect or users lose the email, this will save repeated Help.UNM requests if initiating staff can maintain their users’ LCDs and test them.

  • What is time to completion for LCD creation?
  • What is time to completion for phone line move/addition?
  • What is time to completion for break/fix of active phone line?

3.1 What are department’s options in terms of cost recovery for loss of services?

6 –  Incident

  • Does the department have the ability to declare an incident?  Within this SLA, does an interruption in the normal functioning of a service or system include the department’s services or systems?
  • If the department experiences incidents, what are the department’s options in terms of escalation and revision of the SLA?

6.3 can a department communicate to UNM IT phone systems it considers critical?  For example, the receptionist phone line for most departments is critical to the public being able to call that department – if its service is lost, can it be treated as a P1?
9.1 Performance and Reporting

  • If Targeted uptime is 99.9, shouldn’t there be a reporting interface for customers to see?

9.2 who are the primary stakeholders? In terms of the review facilitation, that’s a bit unclear.  Would it be useful to do annual reviews of the SLA with the customers?