Reply To: Department Web Hosting SLA


1 – “Department Admins” is not mentioned elsewhere in the document.

2.1.2 – Costs:

This points to Service Catalog for “Department Web Hosting” – but costs are not mentioned? ?

However, in 8 – Additional storage references “Virtual Infrastructure Services” where is this listed like this in the Service Catalog?  Is it the same as “Virtual Servers LoboCloud” ?

3.1 – Service Manager should ensure that this service is meeting the Customer’s needs.

5.2 Service Request Response:

* When requests fall outside of this range, what is the remedy for the Customer? Is it “contact the Service Owner” like in 4.3 (Escalation)

* What visibility does the Customer have when there is a breach in the Acknowledgement timeline of a ticket?

* “Campus Priorities” could be defined? What times of year specifically?

6.1 – Incident Reports:

Where is the hourly rate and what items constitute associated expenses and materials defined in section 6 ?

7 – Maintenance

Maintenance windows should be defined in SLA. Maintenance performed outside of these agreed upon times should be communicated with the Customer in advance and if would cause significant negative impact , require their approval.

9.1 – Availability Reporting

Is this the Customer’s responsibility?  Why can’t sites be monitored by the Service Provider? Should this be part of the recommended enterprise services?

9.2 – SLA Reviews

Needs to state “Yearly” – with the Customer.

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